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Sting Newz Service: A National Seminar on “IMPACT OF GLOBALISATION AND TECHNOLOGY IN THE TEACHING IN THE SCHOOLS” was organized by Aurangabad B.Ed College & P.T.T.I, Aurangabad, Murshidabad on 28TH JANUARY, 2018. The Seminar proved to be the meeting ground for B.Ed & M.Ed students, Research Scholars, Teacher Educators and Prominent Educationists from various Universities to exchange experiences, thoughts, knowledge, queries and insights on the above topic. Some leading challenges such as continuous upgrading curriculum, globalisation and uses of technology are discussed on that platform. It was an effective platform for all the concerned stakeholders to introspect about the globalisation and uses of technology in school education. Seminar convener Dr. Pitabash Tripathy, Principal, Aurangabad B.Ed College expressed his immense pleasure that our institution is hosting a National level Seminar.
In the Inaugural session, lighting lamp was performed by Hon’ble Vice Chancellor of WBUTTEPA , Prof. Mita Banerjee, Chief-Guest Dr. Goutam Paul, Resource Person Dr. G.C Bhattacharya & Dr. Jayanta Mete with others honorable persons. The Chief-Patron, Hon’ble State Minister, Deptt. of Labour, Govt. of West Bengal, Mr. Jakir Hossain gave his deliberate speech on the progress of education system of India especially of West Bengal.

On the first half, the inaugural session was presided by the Patron Mr. Dipak Kumar Das, President of Aurangabad B. Ed College & P.T.T.I and various eminent educationists from across India like Dr. G.C Bhattacharya, Prof. of Banaras Hindu University, Dr. Rajanikant Mahapatra, Associate Professor, Utkal University, Dr. Shyamsundar Bairagya, Associate Professor, Visva-Bharati University, Dr. Taraknath Pan, Professor, Visva-Bharati University. Hon’ble Vice Chancellor of WBUTTEPA , Prof. Mita Banerjee, expressed her immense pleasure that she could attend the Seminar. She said that this National Seminar is a part of globalisation. Dr. Goutam paul expressed his view that our Indian Education is not valid in foreign universities. But India must achieve the dignity of global education and global validity in future. Mr. Faruque Ahamed, Asst. Director DODL, Kalyani University focused on the present scenario is quite disturbing. He stressed on the quality & quantity of entire education system. Dr. G.C. Bhattacharya expressed his gratitude to be a part of this thought provoking platform. He discussed due to global changing scenario of education there is a dire need to not only enhance the skills of teacher educators but to prepare them to move according to the pace of the societal needs and employability.

The technical session started at 2.30 pm. This session was chaired by Dr. Rajanikant Mahapatra, Associate Professor, Utkal University, The co-chairperson was Dr. Santinath Sarkar, Asst. Prof. of kalyani University. The main theme and sub themes were discussed by Research Scholars, Delegates and Teacher Educators from various institutions. Reporters of news Channels and news papers were also present there.

In response to our call of papers about 65 abstracts we collected and out of which about 30 abstracts selected. In this Seminar 500 students participated, 100 academicians were present and 20 Research Scholars presented their papers. Certificates and kits were distributed by the Seminar committee at the end of the Seminar.

A cultural Programme was arranged at the end of the seminar and our college students and staffs were participated.

The convener of this Seminar Dr. Pitabash Tripathy gave a vote of thanks to the Chief-Patron, Patrons, Inaugurator, Chief-Guest, Guests, Resource persons, Faculty Members, all Participators and Students for their co-operation for making this event a success.


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