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Riddhi Bhattacharya, StingNewz Correspondent, Kolkata: India’s leading digital network of healthcare,, today announced the launch of their new product range,Healthbuddy Granny’s Herbs Potli. An authentic collection of genuine herbs in their original form, the exclusive Potli range is the true gift of nature to mankind. Minimally processed and hygienically packed in a handcrafted bag, the unique mix of pure and natural herbs in their dehydrated forms, are believed to have health rejuvenation attributes.

“Ancient Ayurveda has taught us the extensive use of minimally processed herbs to retain the maximum of benefits. Ayurvedic doctor Vaidya, pioneered the self-prepared instant herbal doses like kadha which had excellent medicinal properties. Nowadays, people hardly have any access to genuine and unadulterated herbs. We are therefore, launching this extraordinary and highly beneficial Herbs Potli range for people to enjoy”, said Mr. BL Mittal, Founder and Executive Chairman, He further adds, “Healthbuddy Granny’s Herbs Potli – True Gift of Nature, is a unique range of genuine herbs in their original form. Through these products, we have tried to address various health issues which people face in their daily lives. These are completely toxin free and pocket-friendly.”

The product range includes Healthbuddy Granny’s Organic Himalayan Tulsi Potli (an effective immunity enhancer which helps in cough, common cold, sore throat, and mild fever. It aids in digestion and acne management as well),Healthbuddy Granny’s Diabetic Benefit Herbal Spice Mix Potli (aids in blood glucose regulation by increasing insulin level and managing oxidative stress),Healthbuddy Granny’s Cough and Cold Kadha Potli (reduces chest congestion and cough and common cold symptoms), Healthbuddy Granny’s Herbal Constipation Relief Potli (a bowel regulator that is completely herbal and devoid of chemicals or preservatives), Healthbuddy Granny’s Anti Sore Throat Potli(helps in reducing throat inflammation and infection) and Healthbuddy Granny’s Mouthwash Potli (prevents bad breath and gum problems, relieves from toothache and cleanses out oral bacteria; rock salt prevents tooth decay).

In this segment, has also introduced some Damiana based products. A small shrub which has aromatic leaves, Damiana is found on dry, sunny, rocky hillsides in South Texas, Southern California, Mexico, and Central America. Since the time of Mayan Civilization, Damiana herbs have been famous for treating headache, depression, stomach ailments, and constipation. It is also helpful in quitting smoking and/or alcohol. Damiana not only calms the nerves and induces sound sleep but also is used as a mild tranquilizer in Europe. Prevention and treatment of sexual problems, boosting and maintaining mental and physical stamina count among the specialty of the also aphrodisiac Damiana leaves.

“Healthbuddy Granny’s Damiana Herbs Potli, with dehydrated Damiana and other natural herbs in their original form is a unique product launched in India by It is believed to have numerous rejuvenating functions for the good health and wellness of all”, added Mr. Mittal.
Damiana Sound Sleep Potli helps to prevent stress and anxiety, Damiana Sexual Wellness Potli helps to modulate the function of sex hormones and helps in erectile dysfunctioning by increasing the blood flow in the genital area, Damiana Kick Quit Alcohol Potli detoxifies the body and has nerve stimulating properties which helps people quit alcohol. Damiana Stress Buster Potli has mood elevating properties and helps to enhance the body’s response to stress; Damiana Kick Quit Smoking Potli reduces the damage caused by smoking.

Healthbuddy Granny’s Herbal Potli products are priced between an affordable range of Rs 136/- to Rs 191/- and will be available exclusively at One can also order these products through the SastaSundar mobile app.⁠⁠⁠⁠

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