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Fatherlaw arrested for killing fetus by kick

Samir Rudra, Sting Newz Correspondent, Chapra, Nadia: Father in law kicked at the abdomen of pregnant housewife and killed the fetus. On basis of her complaint, Nadia police arrested the miscreant. It happened at Natun Gram under Chapra police station in Nadia on Monday night, police said.
Sagar Mallick of Chapra Natun Gram, married her fiancee Rupsha against his parents’ opinion. So, his parents refuted the entry of Sagar and his wife into their home. He then begun to dwell at Bhitepara village under Tehatta police station area in Nadia since last eight months.
Recently, the relatives to Sagar had taken initiative to push back him to his home with his wife. Subsequently, Rupsha entered that home with his husband Sagar.
But as soon as the relatives left the home, allegedly the parents of Sagar closed the door and started to beat the duo up.
Ayub Mallick, the father to Sagar kicked on the abdomen of pregnant Rupsha. She had informed Ayub that she was pregnant of three months. “As I informed him about my pregnancy, he told he wouldn’t allow to born my baby and kicked me at my belly, ” Rupsha said.
Hearing the cry, the neighbours gathered and they informed police. The cop rushed the spot and rescued Sagar and Rupsha. The villagers took them to local hospital. She was moaning in pain.
The physician tested and intimated that the fetus in her womb was killed. Rupsha got a bash.
However, she lodged a complaint with Chapra police against her father in law Ayub Mallick and mother in law Dakhila Mallick on Monday.
On basis of the complaint, Chapra police arrested Ayub on Monday night, police said.
Rupsha from hospital bed said, ” I couldn’t imagine that the marriage against their opinion could bring the eery sequeal to my baby in my abdomen. Those who did not allow my baby to see the light of life should be punished severely.”
The villagers too demanded the same.

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