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Family of Asiad Gold medalist Debashree Mazumdar suffers from poverty

Nabendu Bhattacharya, Sting Newz Correspondent, Nakashipara (Nadia): Hails from Nadia district in West Bengal, Debashree Mazumdar, a fatherless girl from a poor family who won the gold medal for India in Asiad – 2017 in Bhubaneswar on Sunday, proved that there is no substitute of hard labour and determination.

She won gold in 400 m relay race. Earlier, she had a dream to win gold medal in Brazil Olympic in Rio de Janeiro in 2016 but she was failed to fulfill it.

However, after about 11 months she glorified India and her native State West Bengal simultaneously, by winning the Gold medal in Asiad this time.

A girl from a remote village of  Taibichara in Nakashipara in Nadia, Debashree Mazumdar had taken part in National Meet 2006. Next year she achieved fifth position in World Youth Championship in her event. Later she won the second position in Asiad 2015.

Then the success came in the Asiad 2017. Sources said that her timing was 3 minutes 31.34 seconds.

Soon after winning the Gold, she started to prepare herself for the next competitions. Debashree said from Bhubaneswar, ” I have qualified for the World Meet in London and for Olympic. I am preparing myself from all aspects for those contests. But my only problem is poverty. Our family still runs on Father’s family pension. We have got no assistance from the Government. If it looks to us after this result… .”

Debashree is the last sister among four. Their father Manmmatha Ranjan Mazumdar died in an incurable disease about nine years back, family sources said. He was a worker in Deep tubewell department ( irrigation).

He had realized the talent of Debashree and admitted her in SAI in Bangalore. Since her father died, Debashree and her family have been running through a profound monetary crunch. But amid this crisis, she continued her practice as an Athelet.

However, her mother Menaka Mazumdar said on Tuesday, ” We are very much happy for her achievement. But it would have been nice, if her father would be in the world. Her father used to dream that Debashree would become a good runner. He had the faith, she once would make the Country glorious by her talent in Sports. “

Expressing her happiness and glad, Debashree said on Tuesday, ” I am happy. But I give all the credits to my father as he had pushed me in to this track. Side by side, the blessings from each Indian have helped me to win the Gold. If father would be alive today, he would be the happiest man for my achievements. “

Earlier Jyotirmoyee Shikdar, another girl from Nadia, had own the Gold in Asiad. Now the baton has been shifted to Debashree Mazumdar.

Though Debashree has been preparing for London and next Olympic, her mind lies with hut in Nadia’s Taibichara. They still stay in a house made of tins, but no bricks. ” The economic instability of our family pinches me every moment,” Debashree said.

However, one of her sisters Shatabdi said,” She has received a cheque of rupees ten lakh soon after win the Gold in Bhubaneswar ” It was given by Orissa Government, she added.

Though she is in Bhubaneswar now, she will leave for Patiala in Punjab on July 13 for training, Shatabdi said.

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