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Complaints of corruption in appointment against VC of Kalyani University

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Sting Newz Service:  After the complaint of corruption against Bimalendu Biswas, the Controller of Examinations, University of Kalayani, now again a complaint was sent to Hon’ble  Governor of West Bengal against Kalyani University Vice-Chancellor  Prof. Sankar Kumar Ghosh. The complaint was sent to the Governor a few weeks back against him regarding appointment in an unethical way in the university.  In the complaint, a part of the officers and the teachers demanded an enquiry against Vice-Chancellor Prof. Sankar Kumar Ghosh.

One Alok Kumar Ghosh, Head, Department of History, and Member of the University Court, University of Kalyani  also raised questioned regarding the process of some appointment in the university and wanted to know from the VC by sending a letter to him on 29 June, 2017. Both the copies of complaint came to the office of Sting Newz.

In the complaint to the Governor,  a part of the officers and the teachers wanted to apprise 5 points. These are:

  1. Vice-Chancellor has appointed three Officer-on-Special Duty (OSD) Tanmay Acharya and two others,  without the approval of Executive Council. Though it is mandatory under section 21(X) of KU Act, 1981 (amended upto 2011).
  2. Vice-Chancellor has appointed on Dr. Arnab Kumar Maity as Director, Directorate of Open and Distance Learning (DODL) of this University without the approval of EC and Advisory Committee for DODL. It is also informed  that Director is enjoying Rs.70,000/months as salary and is probably a relative of Vice-Chancellor.
  3. Vice-Chancellor has given the appointment to one Dr. Sukanta Biswas, Secretary, Faculty Councils without taking prior approval from EC. Though it is mandatory under section 21 (X) of KU Act 1981 (amended upto 2011). It is his wilfull omission to carry out the provision of KU Act.
  4. Vice-Chancellor is taking important decisions bypassing the EC under section 10(6) of KU Act. Such provision states that V.C can approve issues /policies which is either urgent or of an emergent in nature. V.C is very much reluctant to convene the meeting of EC and he has convened only 02 (two) EC meeting since his joining at this University on 21/12/2016.
  5. Vice Chancellor says in every case that he is taking all decisions after consultation of issues with the hon’ble Chief-Minister and as per instructions of Principal Secretary Shri Vivek Kumar of the Dept. of Higher Education.

They alleged that Kalyani University is running with a caucus, and the academic schedule and academic administration have been totally disrupted. That’s why they appealed  to the Governor’s  office to institute an enquiry against Prof. Sankar Kumar Ghosh, Vice-Chancellor of Kalyani University, for his wilfull omission to carry out the provisions of KU Act.1981 (amended upto 2011); and financial impropriety and gross negligence.

When Sting Newz tried to contact Kalyani University Vice-Chancellor  Prof. Sankar Kumar Ghosh over mobile phone, his mobile was ringing but he didn’t receive our phone. We sent him a message and even sent a whatsApp  for a statement of  him regarding this complaints of corruption in the appointment. But we didn’t get any reply.

Dr. Debanshu Roy, registrar of the University said, “I only execute VC’s order. I didn’t have nothing to do. The appointment is temporary, not permanent. The jobs of On-Special-Duty post is only for 6 months. The other job of DODL post most probably is for 6 months or one year. But I don’t know anything  about the complaint.”

On the other hand,  Alok Kumar Ghosh, Head, Department of History  wanted to know from the VC by sending him a letter  on 29 June, 2017. Here is his letter to the VC:

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