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Why you should eat bananas

Sting Newz Web Desk: Bananas are said to be one of the most nutritious fruits because of high concentration of essential nutrients in them. They are recommended as healthy food for both adults and infants. It has rich source of vitamin B6, manganese, vitamin C, potassium, fibre, copper and biotin. …

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Study finds that sex gets better with age for women

Sting Newz Web Desk: Women who have heard for years that they face a declining sex life can take heart in new research that says sex gets better with age. University of Pittsburgh researchers found that while the frequency of sex declines, the quality makes up for it. “We were …

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4 common myths about going to the gynecologist

Sting Newz Web Desk: There are certain truths we all know about going to the the gynecologist, like the fact that you’ll probably end up with your feet in stirrups. But there are also things you probably think you know about a typical gynecologist appointment that are flat-out wrong. We …

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Educated parents spend more time with kids: Study

  Sting Newz Web Desk: Do you feel guilty of being unable to spend quality time with your children? Take heart, as according to a new counter-intuitive study, parents are spending more time with their children than they did 50 years ago. The findings showed that the time spent with …

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