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Press Relese/Kolkata: It was like an equation- 10 months of dedicated hard work & preparation = 2 days of Electrifying Energy , 2 days of Celebration, 2 days of awesomeness, 2 days of Life-changing divine experience, 2 days full of madness & craze for being fit & healthy. And those …

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Fight against Chronic Respiratory Diseases (CRD)

Press Release/Kolkata:- We are proud to inform you that Association of Chest Physicians, West Bengal, in association with Indian Chest Society and National College of Chest Physicians(India), is hosting the 19th National conference on Pulmonary Diseases (NAPCON 2017) from 16th to 19th November, 2017 at  SCIENCE CITY, Kolkata. We believe …

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Your Tea Should Always be Organic

Press Relese/Kolkata:– Organic tea is a healthier choice for daily lifestyle. Dr A Sarkar, President of Gourmet Services, pens down in details what is the difference between organic and inorganic tea and why one should opt for organic tea. Organic tea is produced by maintaining the standards of organic …

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Bengal Walks on Road for Awareness Generation about Diabetes

Press Relese/Kolkata:–  GD Hospital & Diabetes Instituteorganised a walkathon  Former Indian skipper SouravGangulyflagged off the walkathon  Galaxy of celebrities have attended for a great cause  Mobile diabetes check up vans ‘Heal on Wheels’ will roam around the city  Free diabetes screeninginside the Hospital premise  Discounted …

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Which Teas Are Healthiest?

Sting Newz Service: You know that a cup of tea can do you good, but are there different health benefits to the different varieties? Black, green, oolong, and white teas all come from the same plant (Camellia sinensis). It’s how they’re processed that sets them apart and gives them their …

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Overloaded school backpacks can cause long-term back problems

Sting Newz Health Desk:   Children risk long-term back and spinal problems because of poorly fitting and overloaded school backpacks, experts warn. Children often choose school bags that feature their favourite cartoon characters or brands over back-friendly versions. The Australian Physiotherapy Association found that up to 70 per cent of …

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