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Again complaints of bribe against Controller of Examinations in Kalyani University

Sting Newz Service: Influx of complaints again took place against Bimalendu Biswas, the Controller of Examinations, University of Kalayani. Earlier he had been suspended allegedly for undertable adjustment in some issues in Kalyani University but later on he was taken back to his post.

However, again the allegations of taking money as bribe from persons against providing jobs in Kalyani University and arrange to affiliate B.Ed College to an NGO come up against Biswas. Even police complaint also was lodged very recently. Not only that, a complaint was sent to the Chancellor of the university, EX-officio, the Governor of West Bengal. The office of the Governor forwarded the issue to the Secretary to the Chancellor and Principal Secretary to the Government of West Bengal, Higher Education Department (Memo No. 1100/1-SP Dated 29/05/2017).

One Sarikul Islam of Tehatta’s Baruipara in Nadia district lodged a complaint with Kalyani Police station 0n 26 April, stating that Kalyani University Controller Bimalendu Biswas had assured the  the authority of Baruipara Academic Centre for Mass Education, an NGO to provide them a B.Ed college under Kalyani University. Allegedly, that is why he took money as bribe at a few phases.

Sarikul Islam  said, “Biswas had taken rupees 2 lakh on 3rd June, 2015 and assured to arrange for affiliation a B.Ed College within next 6 months. One Moidul Islam, associated to Bhaktabala B.Ed College had introduced me with Bimalendu Biswas. In his presence, I handed over him more rupees 4.5 lakh to Biswasin different phases. However, later on, he had assured me that if he failed to provide affiliation would return all money. But he didn’t refund the same. I asked for my money, both of Moidul and Biswas threatened me of dire consequence”.

He appealed to police to investigate his issue and to arrange to get back his money. In a word, he has   bought the case of defalcation/cheating.

Refuting the above allegation, Bimalendu Biswas said on Wednesday, “I was not in job during the period complainant mentioned in his complaint. Some were trying to defame me and that was why they bought the fake allegations. I also knocked Kalyani police a month ago as some were spreading fake allegations against me at Whatsapp. Above all, providing affiliation to any B.Ed college is not a subject of any controller of Examination.”

However, in addition to lodge complaint with police, sarikul Islam also send the copy to the Chancellor of Kalyani University, the Governor of West Bengal, The O.S.D. & E.O, Special Secretary of the said Governor forwarded the letter to Secretary to the Governner and to the Principal Secretary of Government of West Bengal on May 29, 2017.

On the other hand, one Insan Shaikh of Shantipur Berpara in Nadia too lodged complaint to Vice-Chancellor of Kalyani University stating that Bimalendu Biswas had taken money rupees 2.5 Lakh to provide his nephew a job in Kalyani University.

“He first will join at temporary post, but later will be permanent. He demanded rupees 5 lakh in total and gave him 50% on November, 2016. Now he is not refunding money as he failed to provide job”, Insan said.

One Samim Ahmed Biswas of Shaktipur in Murshidabad district too alleged the same to Vice-Chancellor Shankar Kumar Ghosh. Biswas allegedly had taken rupees 2 lakh, as part of payment out of 4 lakh for a job in Kalyani University.

Thus, allegedly there are huge such complaint against Bimalendu Biswas. But in every case, Biswas refuted the allegation.

However, Vice-Chancellor  of the University said, “Police is looking into the allegations. We too take the issue seriously.”

Here are the copies of complaints:



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