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Nadia police arrested 3 miscreants for snatching rupees 43 lakh

Indranil Podder/Nadia: Nadia police arrested 3 miscreants including a BSF Constable for snatching rupees 43 lakh and also recovered  2 fire arms on Tuesday.

The BSF constable was one of the three snatchers who came on bike to snatch the amount planfully.

Three snatchers who appeared on a bike and hit on head of another running biker on road with revolver butt, ran away with cash rupees 43 lakh from him. It happened on NH 34 near to Ranaghat Mission gate on Tuesday afternoon, SP, Nadia, Shees Ram Jhajharia said in a press meet on Wednesday.

However, police arrested the snatchers within hour of incident. They were produced in Ranaghat Court on Wednesday.   The injured Tanmoy Ghosh was rushed to Ranaghat hospital.

A resident of Fulia, Tanmoy used to collect funds from various petrol pumps and deposits in bank as a worker of Rediff Cash Management.

He was as usually on duty on Tuesday. After collecting a total cash of rupees 43 lakh from Ranaghat Ghatigachha petrol pump, he was moving on a bike to reach to a bank in Ranaghat to deposit the amount.

While he had reached near to Ranaghat Mission gate, 3 miscreants who came on a bike, blocked his path. Then they hit him on his head with revolver butt under sun. Tanmoy was injured. They snatched his bag and ran away. During leaving the spot they fired in blank, SP said.

Tanmoy was admitted to a hospital in Ranaghat.

However, following his complaint , Ranaghat police got active soon and arrested all the three culprits from Ranaghat within hour.

SP Shees Ram Jhajharia said, ” Due to festive season there were ‘Naka’ on various roads. So police soon caught duo of the snatchers. The snatched money was not with them. Police soon nabbed the rest miscreants from another road and recovered 42,49160 rupees from him.

While one of them was from Gangnapur, rest were from two difference places in Ranaghat, a police sources said.

” We have recovered all the money and two fire arms from them, we have seized the bike that was used in the crime,” the police  sources added.

The miscreants were identified as Bibekeswar Mondal, Anup Hela and Sujit Pattandar.” All have the criminal background,” SP added.

While SP stated that he had no confirmation that one of the arrested person was a BSF Jawan, a police officer confirmed it.

He said, ” Bibekeswar Mondal , a resident of Badkulla Suravistan in Nadia is a BSF constable. He is from 84 battalion and now posted in Orissa. He came home about ten days back on-leave.”

SP more said that the transaction of such high valume amount of money without police security is risky and advised subordinate officer to arrange for a meeting with the concerned business men regarding safety and security of the same.” Transaction of such high volume should be done under awareness of police so that petrolling can be arranged. Side by side we will look into if there is concerned licence to carry amount in this way,” SP iterated.

He assured that police would produce evidences in Court so that the punishment to the miscreants is confirmed.


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