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Kenyan youth grappling with depression amid school pressure

Sting Newz Desk:  The youth clinic at Kenyatta National Hospital (KNH) that happens to be Kenya’s largest referral health facility, was full of young adults busy on their cell phones as they chatted with friends.

Caroline Pulei was one of the parents accompanying her 15-year-old daughter to see a psychiatrist. It happened to be her daughter’s fifth mental review by the psychiatrist.

“Our journey to the clinic begun late last year, my daughter was initially diagnosed with anxiety disorder but the situation worsened in January when the schools re-opened after the long December holidays. I had to move her from a boarding to a day school as at some point she was put on suicide watch,” Pulei told Xinhua.

Courtesy : Xinhua.


এছাড়াও চেক করুন

বিজেপির ত্রিপুরা জয়ে হাওড়ায় উড়ছে গেরুয়া আবির, চলছে মিষ্টিমুখ

কল্যাণ অধিকারী, স্টিং নিউজ করেসপনডেন্ট, হাওড়া: ত্রিপুরায় বামেদের লাগানো বটবৃক্ষ উপরে পড়তেই এই শহরেও আবারও …

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