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Honour Killing: Girl’s family allegedly killed youth in Nadia

Sting Newz Service, Kaliganj, Nadia: An honour killing allegedly took place in Nadia district. Subrata Halder (21) of Matiyari village under Kaliganj police station area in Nadia of West Bengal went to travel to the neighbouring village of Faridpur taking two of his friends on Monday.

He had talked to a known girl there in presence of his friends. The guardians of the girl saw it.

They, allegedly including some neighbours, intercepted Subrata and his friends. Starting with queries, the group allegedly began to beat up them. While they left the friends with a little beat up, they bet up Subrata brutally.

Amit, the brother to Subrata, said ” They bet up my brother brutally. They hit on his head with iron rod and piece of wood. ”

However, locals took him to Katwa Hospital in Burdwan, just opposite side of Ganga from the spot of incident in Nadia.

The guardians of Subrata came to know and rushed to Katwa Hospital. As the condition had deteriorated, later the victim was referred to Burdwan Hospital.

While they were on way to Burdwan Hospital on Wednesday night, she succumbed to death on road.

The victim’s father Narugopal Halder then lodged a complaint with Kaliganj police against five persons of Ghosh family.

Police soon arrested three of them.

While Amit Halder stated that they had been clueless for the happening, the locals stated that it was the fall out of honour killing.

However, elder brother Amit Halder said,”they bet up my brother for talking to a girl.”

According to locals, there is a sentiment of casteism between Halder and Ghosh clans at the area. The talking with the girl allegedly from Ghosh family had irritated her guardians which resulted in killing of Subrata.

Stating that there was a love affair between Subrata and the girl, a local persons with condition of anonymity said,” It was a clear case of honour killing.”

Subrata worked in their utensils factory in home at Kaliganj Matiyari.

However, SP, Nadia, Shees Ram Jhajharia said,” We have arrested three persons following the case and reason of killing is a matter of investigation. But I think that it is not a case of honour killing.”

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