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MUDRA UTSAV 2017, an exhibition of coins collection

Press Relese/Kolkata: The Numismatic Society of Calcutta is the apex body of numismatists in the state, imparting Knowledge in the field of collecting coins and its allied subjects since its inception in 1985. It has around 400 members involved in the systematic collection of numismatic objects as well their preservation. The principal objective of the society is to promote this subject within the people irrespective of their age, be it children or senior citizen. The society regularly organizes exhibition, seminar, lecture and publish research journal in the field of numismatics.

This year the society is organizing its 20th Annual Conference and an exhibition of coins “MUDRA UTSAV-17” from 22-24 December 2017 at Haldiram Banquet Hall, 24 Ballygunge Park, Kolkata-700 019.

One of the major attractions of this event is the exhibition of coins, entitled “Panorama of Indian Coinage: its genesis to present”. The visitors will enjoy the metamorphosis of Indian coins from the archaic period (i.e. 500 B.C.) to the present republic coins of the country. Due to the paucity of space, the exhibition committee has decided that the exhibits will be displayed within 14/15 cabinets. The exhibition will remain open to the visitors from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. and there is no entry fee for the viewers.

Each year the Numismatic Society of Calcutta appoints committees responsible for reviewing the candidates for presenting its awards. As part its 20th Annual Conference, the society beholds to Shri Somnath Basuwith an appreciation of Lifetime achievement award for the vast contribution toward the field of Numismatics and Numismatic Society of Calcutta. With achieving excellence in the field of Numismatics, Award of excellence is presented to Shri. A.C. Jain.

The society observes with great concern that a good number of forgery coins and similar objects are being sold in the market. They are mainly struck by different religious motifs and absurd dates. Common peoples are amply cheated by this misdeed. The society intends to campaign against these wicked vendors and also urges to take necessary action by the competent authority.

Numismatics has become a widely spread hobby to the school and college students. In past, the society has organized an exhibition of coins in various schools and colleges both within the state and outside the state. The response of such exhibitions was so encouraging that to give impetus for collecting coins; the society has decided to distribute a free gift to the school children, those who will attend the exhibition.

The country is passing through a much-debated topic that is “De-monetarism of currency system”. In view of the above, the society has decided to organize one session in the seminar focusing on a topic entitled “De-monetarism of currency system during the reign of Muhammad bin Tughlaq – Its effect and result”. It is expected that participants from various corner of the country will deliver their views. In other sessions, a discussion will be focused on new finds of coins and their possible implication in Indian history.

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